The office headed by the Economic Enterprise Manager manages and supervises the operation of frontline offices of the city namely:

    1. Operation of City-Owned Public Market
      • Leasing Market Stalls to the Public
      • Renewal of Contract of Lease
      • Regular Transfer of Rights
      • Transfer of Rights by Succession
      • Use of Electricity at Public Markets
      • Use of Water at Public Markets
      • Handling of Complaints and Related Concerns
      • Issuance of Certifications
    2. Operation of the Davao Overland Transport Terminal
      • Payment for the Use of Terminal Bays and Space
      • Use of Space by Stall/Stand/Special section Owners
      • Payment of Arcabala by Peddlers and Porters
      • Installation of Advertising Paraphernalia (Three Months and below)
      • Installation of Advertising Paraphernalia/Signboards (More the Three Months)
      • Use of Electricity by Bus Operators
      • Issuance of Certifications
      • Public Assistance Counter
      • Breast Feeding Center
    3. Operation of Slaughterhouse
      • Slaughtering of Animals for Public Consumption
    4. Operation of Sta. Ana Port
      • Docking and Unloading of Cargoes
      • Docking and Unloading of passengers
      • Application for Berthing Permit for Foreign Vessels
      • Vehicles/Trisikad Entry and Parking
      • Lease for Space and Building
    5. Operation of Davao City Recreation Center(Almendras Gym)
      • Booking for the Use of DCRC (Almendras Gym)
    6. Operation of Public Cemeteries
      • Grave Lot Lease Application and Burial
      • Accommodation of Pauper’s Burial
      • Exhumation of Buried Body