What We Provide

Services Rendered:

  • Leasing of stalls in public markets (See table for rental fees).
  • Provides centralized public transportation in Davao City Overland Transport Terminal.
  • Slaughtering of animals for public consumption (See table for slaughter rates or charges).
  • Provides docking, wharfage and port service for bancas and small vessels in the operation of Sta. Ana Port.
  • Accomodate burials in public cemeteries.
  • Provides a recreation center, physical fitness, sports and auditorium facility for different types of events at the Davao City Recreation Center.
  • Leasing of stalls and spaces in the Magsaysay Park while at the same time providing venue for people to relax and unwind.
  • Leasing of commercial spaces in the Pasalubong Center where both city residents and visitors can buy souvenirs and pasalubong goods made in Davao City.
  • Under Special Projects, the Office lease land areas owned by the City Government of Davao to commercial establishment owners.