The City Economic Enterprise has the following units under it. 9 public markets, 1 overland transport terminal, main (Ma-a) and 3 satellite slaughterhouses (Calinan, Mintal, Toril), 1 sea port (Sta. Ana), 1 park (Magsaysay), 10 cemeteries and 1 recreation center (Almendras Gym). These units were put up in different years but put under one management when the City Economic Enterprise Office was created upon reorganization of the city’s bureaucracy in 1996. Currently, it has an eight year-old organizational goal which was developed in December 2, 2004 by management and all the supervisors. For calendar year 2009, Economic Enterprise implemented 7 programs namely;

  • Operation of nine (9) city-owned public markets.
  • Operation of one (1) overland terminal (DCOTT).
  • Operation of one (1) main slaughterhouse (Ma-a) and three (3) satellite slaughterhouse.
  • Operation of one (1) port (Sta. Ana).
  • Operation of one (1) park (Magsaysay Park).
  • Operation of ten (10) public cemeteries.
  • Operation of one (1) recreation center (DCRC).